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Tips to make money with Flippa

Flippa is one of the most popular website marketplaces on the internet. Yes, it is expensive to sell a website there. Listing starts at $19 without any extras. Add bold, yellow highlight, front page exposure and listing screenshot and you can easily end up spending over $100 on your listing. So, what’s the best way to make a profit on Flippa? well, follow these simple steps and tips and you will start making income from your very  first sale:

1- You obviously need a website or a domain name. For this example, you will need a live website.

2- List your site with the least amount of extras. If you want to make money, you need to cut the spending a bit. Flippa is greedy so its better if you don’t purchase many upgrades.

3- For a quick sale, list your site for 3 days. Always include a Buy it Now price. Remember that its always valid to place a price tag and maybe if you ask for $10,000 some crazy rich old man might be willing to press the buy it now button!

4- Always include numbers in your listing’s title. This will encourage visitors to click as numbers are interesting in this type of marketplace.

5- Work hard on your description. The more information you put into it, the higher the chances of selling your site.

6- Always check the auto-approve bids option. This will make sure youre not sleeping to approve any last-minute bids. Flippa does not work like ebay. You cannot snipe a site by placing a bid at the very last second of the auction. It extends the auction for 4 hours. People dont understand this so you will see most bids when 1 hour or less is left.

7- If your site has income, make sure you explain how and where it comes from, also place some proof. People like to buy sites that are making money or at least ones that have potential.

8- When your auction has 12 hours left, purchase the front-page option so that you get the maximum exposure and bidders place their offers as the auction is ending.

9- If you see your auction is nowhere near the “buy it now” price you set. Simply wait until 1 hour is left and lower the price. You might get lucky.

10- Always sell “.com” sites. All other tld’s are not attractive to buyers… unless they have revenue.

Flippa is a risky place to make money flipping websites. It’s high listing costs and success fees makes it a nightmare for website flippers to make a profit, but again, its probably because they just want high quality established websites with income to be listed there. A site owner making $5k/month from his site wont care to pay a $100 listing as he will probably sell his site for $50k. There are other places as well to sell websites, sites like websitebroker and eflipp are good cheaper alternatives.

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